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“What happened?” Sarah asked as she looked at her best friend Aiyleen with a puzzled look.

Aiyleen looked up from her cell phone and said, “nothing, just reading these comments, girl.” It was a failed attempt to downplay her reaction and not appear fluttered, but Sarah continued driving obliviously.

Aiyleen didn’t realize she gasped after reading the facebook comment. She scrolled back to the comment on her picture to read it again. It read:

“Your bottom lip should be treated as if it’s covered in something savory

that can only be removed orally…”

Aiyleen would get more than her fair share of comments, and rightfully so, but it was rare for her to respond with more than a ‘thank you’. She wouldn’t even bother responding to the ‘Damn baby’ and ‘what it do mami’ comments and such.

Normally Sarah and her would have engaged in conversation again, but Aiylenn just stared out of the passenger window at nothing particular.  She began to think of a ‘thank you’ response, but soon found herself over analyzing.

If she played along, as she really wanted to do, the guy would probably take it for an advance and get too pervy. On the other hand, if she didn’t compliment him on the intriguing comment, he might not bother to put forth the effort again, and she certainly enjoyed the attention.

It wasn’t the first time Aiyleen was turned on by a well said comment, nor was she above sexting. She enjoyed verbal motivation when pleasing herself, so long as it was welcomed, smart, but dirty.

She selected the young man’s profile, initiated a private message and wrote:

“Only my bottom lip?”


Z.A. – Side-Step Series No. 2 – Royally Fucked (excerpt)

From Dave Jones,

Thanks for visiting my blog!
The Side-Step Series is a collection of random, flash incidents
occurring at various points within the chronicled time line of Zachary Adams


Holy-fuck, got-damn, son-of-a-motherless-goat, Zachary shouted in his mind.

In a mounted riding position, Candace sat with Zachary insider her. Feeling him down to the base of his shaft, her hips gyrated slowly around his stone-hard cock as she relished the feeling of his balls rubbing her perineum. With her weight causing her pelvis to grind against his, there was stimulation on her clit from it brushing against his pubic hair as well. She caused both sensations to intensify by inching her pelvis forward and backwards as fast as she could.

When she found and maintained a rhythm, the bed frame began to squeak. If one didn’t know any better, the look on Zachary’s face would have made you think he was in excruciating pain. But actually, he was getting royally fucked. In fact, he was long past getting royally fucked since Candace was working on her fifth orgasm…

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