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Z.A. – Side-Step Series No. 3 "Just Hungry" (excerpt)

A few chairs down from the head of the conference room table sat Bill Becker, 33, a good looking brown skinned dude with a square jaw, medium height and build. He had a shadow fade and wore a standard off-white dress shirt with matching tie, slacks, and shoes. Bill was the kind of guy that got a long with everyone, they all dug his “cool guy” swagger.

Sitting at the head of the table with a day planner, legal pad, and various other documents spread in front of her was Cindy Maxwell, 32. She was short and curvy in stature with smooth brown skin. Most people found beauty in just how smooth and brown her skin was, others found it her full face and strong cheek bones.

She wore the typical business attire: cream blouse, matching skirt just above the knees, and shoes. Her hair was held perfectly in a bun and her prescription glasses suited her perfectly. Cindy was professional first, and a friend second when on the job. Those lucky enough to be her friend knew her for being a really down to earth, fun loving gal.

Across from Bill sat two other execs, Ted and Elton, wearing pretty much the same as him. They both reported their routine spill in turn. Not really listening, Bill patiently waited for his turn. Feeling his stomach growl, he glanced at his watch. 11:45am.

He was unaware that Cindy had noticed his attention was somewhere else. She had been picking the precise moments to glance at him while the other two execs where looking elsewhere.

He’s looks so good, Cindy thought.

But just then, her forehead wrinkled briefly. She was confused because the thought occurred so naturally, as if it was common knowledge to her.

Must be the light, or the angle, or something, Cindy thought, as she tried to discard the notion.

She and Bill had got along well as co-workers, and as each others “friend from work”. Although they had worked on many projects together during her time with the company and had gone out on double dates, Cindy had somehow been oblivious to her attraction until moments ago.

She glanced at Bill’s wedding band, then at the silver bracelet her boyfriend Arnold had given her for their three year anniversary. She wore it on her right wrist.

“Um, let me grab that sheet from my office real quick,” Bill said as he shuffled intently through his paper work. His voice was soothing.

The interruption got Cindy’s mind back on the meeting. She didn’t even realize that the other two had finished reporting and Bill had began his.

“O-oh, no problem,” Cindy replied.

They all began checking their blackberry’s as Bill stood and exited the conference room. As he walked around the back of Cindy’s chair, the scent of his body spray intoxicated her instantly. Again, this foreign feeling made her frown in confusion. She scratched her neck in a manor that allow her to glance at Bill exiting the conference room. Somehow her eyes landed right on his butt, protruding even through the lose fit slacks he wore. Her forehead wrinkled yet again from confusion as her kegal muscles contracted involuntarily. It actually scared her.

“You ok?” Ted asked Cindy with mild concern.

Again, she was snapped out of deep thought.

“Oh…yeah,” Cindy casually replied with a smile, “just hungry, you know?”

Fixing on her blackberry again, she thumbed a message to Arnold that read: “hey baby”

Bill had a typical office, its size and furniture was modest. He had a L-shaped corner desk that was clearly not the tidiest in the building. But although documents and post-its were scattered here and there, when he sat down he knew exactly where the document was. Just as he grabbed it, his phone rang and with a sigh, he answered curtly.

“This is Bill…hey…no, I’m in a meeting…I am…I’m right in the middle of a meeting…I needed a document?…what?…well why don’t you just go now?…I won’t make it home ’till…

Bill spoke in a pleading tone, his frustration was clear. He finally ended the call with a defeated exhale.

“Love you too…”

As he hung up, he looked at the only picture on his desk. The picture was of Alondra, his wife of five years. The picture did her justice, and rightfully so because Alondra was fine. Everyone that had seen her at the company parties and events knew it as common knowledge, and Bill was given something like a badge of honor from the guys a the office because of it.

Bill shook his head in frustration as he muttered to himself:

“Bitch ‘gon wait for me to get the toilet paper? The fuck you gonna do between now and 6 o’clock? Just get the damn shit.”

“I hope you don’t hear any voices talking back,” Cindy said in a playful tone.

Though her voice startled Bill, he could smell her peach lotion before he even stood and faced her. Just as quickly as he had stood up, Cindy’s smile had eased his tension. Suddenly the stress of the phone call and the notion of keeping the boss waiting had all faded away.

“Sorry, I had a call.” Bill apologized.

Damn I hope she didn’t hear that, Bill thought.

Hmm…trouble in paradise, Cindy thought. She had indeed heard him.

“No it’s cool,” Cindy assured him, “we decided to break for lunch anyway, so we’ll wrap it up in about a hour or so.”

“Oh, ok, sounds good,” Bill replied as he turned back to his desk and pretended to tidy it up.

Cindy’s momentum began to lead her out of the doorway, but she clearly wasn’t ready to walk away. She leaned back in as she glanced at the picture of Alondra. Always impressed, her eyebrow slightly raised.

Hmph…the bitch is bad, she thought.

“You guys making it out to the picnic tomorrow?” She asked casually.

“Yeah, we’re suppose to, you?” Bill replied.

“Yeah,” Cindy replied.

With his back to her, Bill could not see that she was fixed on his butt again, and generally checking him out.

Why am I still standing here? Cindy thought.

She still didn’t know where this attraction was coming from.

Ok…you can leave now? Bill thought.

Although they were cool, Bill knew that the boss lingering around his office was never good. He finally realized that she was waiting for him so they could go down to the staff lounge, so he ended the spring cleaning charade. He glanced outside the window as headed towards her in the doorway.

“Ok, you ready?” Bill asked just before looking at her.

He had anticipated her to be already backing out of the doorway, but this was not the case. He had to stutter step and stop dead in his tracks to keep from running his chest into her breast. Cindy gave him a really quick up and down glance, then frowned with a half grin.

“You okay?” Cindy asked, with a bit of sarcasm in her concern.

Bill developed the same kind of confused wrinkle in his forehead as he realized Cindy wasn’t moving.

“Uh, yeah..are you?” Bill asked in reply.

Resting her left shoulder against the doorway, Cindy shifted her body weight to her right leg, causing her right hip to protrude in a very seduction manor.

Zachary was sorting some paperwork as he passed by in the hallway and even he had to shorten his steps to and take a second look.

Damn, Zachary thought before continuing on with his own business.

Taking a moment to answer, Cindy tilted her head to the right and rolled her eyes away from Bill while surveying his office a bit.

Finally, she tilted her head down while looking up at him with light brown eyes full of lust.

“Just hungry,” she replied….

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